Welcome to our Year 12 Studio Arts Photography class wiki!

In 2017 we will use our college Learning Management System - Compass. This site is not up to date.

This purpose of this wiki is to provide Sandringham College students with a resource to support their learning in VCE Studio Arts - Photography.

The wiki is developed using information from a variety of sources including the VCAA VCE Studio Arts Study Design. Hopefully all material is appropriately acknowledged. Please let me know if something needs to be altered.

Click on the link to download a copy of the VCAA VCE STUDIO ARTS STUDY DESIGN

VCAA Studio Arts Study Design

Studio Arts Course Structure:

The study is made up of four units:

  • Unit 1 Artistic Inspiration and Techniques
  • Unit 2 Design Exploration and Concepts
  • Unit 3 Studio Practices and Processes
    • Exploration Proposal
    • Studio Process
    • Professional Art Practices and Styles
  • Unit 4 Studio Practice and Art Industry Contexts
    • Finished Artworks
    • Documentation
    • Preparation, Presentation and Conservation of Artworks

The Year 12 course consists of Units 3 & 4.

About this site

Organisation - The course work pages are identified by the Unit and Outcome number.
I.E. 3.1 is Unit 3 Outcome 1.

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