Focus, Reflection and Evaluation

Outcome 2 Focus, Reflection and Evaluation
Written and visual documentation that identifies the folio focus and evaluates the extent to which the finished artworks reflect the selected potential directions and effectively demonstrate a cohesive relationship between the works.

  1. A clear statement which identifies and describes the focus of your folio.
  2. Visual representations of the 6 potential directions from Unit 3.
  3. Written explanations of these potential directions:
    • Why did you chose them?
    • How do they relate to your focus?
    • How have they contributed to the finished artworks?

  1. Use appropriate art language and terminology:
    • to explain any further refinement you conducted
    • to explain the processes you used - screen shots/ contact sheets / test strips
    • to discuss the aesthetic qualities you achieved - screen shots/ practice prints
    • to discuss the ideas communicated

  1. Evaluate the relationship between your works.
  2. Evaluate the aesthetic qualities achieved and explain how they were resolved.
  3. Evaluate the material and techniques and explain how they were applied.
  4. Analyse how the finished artworks realize the communication of ideas – in depth discussion of how your ideas have been communicated, resolved and realized in all of the finished artworks.
  5. Discuss the presentation of your artworks – why you chose to present the works this way.

Folio Due Week Beginning ? September