Professional Art Practices and Styles

Artists Research

Students must research art practices in relation to particular art forms and analyse ways in which artists from different cultural and/or historical periods develop distinctive styles in their artwork.

You will be required to complete class exercises and research tasks that will be assessed in relation to how well your work addresses the following key skills:

  • Discusses ways in which artworks reflect artists’ interpretation of subject matter, influences, cultural contexts and communication of ideas and meanings
  • Analyses and discusses ways in which artists employ materials, techniques and processes in the production of art works
  • Analyses the ways in which aesthetic qualities and styles are developed
  • Uses appropriate art terminology in discussing art practices and ways in which artists develop aesthetic qualities and distinctive styles in their art work
  • Discusses artistic practices and ways in which artists develop aesthetic qualities and styles in their art works with reference to art elements such as line, colour, texture, tone, shape, movements, sound and light.
  • Discusses art practices in relation to a particular artwork or art form, in more than one historical and/or cultural context.
  • Discusses examples or artworks from different historical and/or cultural contexts
  • Analyses and discusses the legal obligations and ethical considerations involved in the use made of the work of other artists in the making of new artwork. (Appropriation)

Download the essay question and research criteria.

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