Outcome 1: Exploration Proposal

The exploration proposal is both an Outcome and a compulsory element of SAT 1. SAT 1contributes 33% to the study score. Students should prepare an exploration proposal that formulates the content and parameters of the design process and include a plan of how the proposal will be undertaken.The exploration proposal should be a detailed, personal outline of the creative focus of the area of exploration.

Nature of task
An exploration proposal should create a framework for an individual design process in which the student plans how their subject matter, ideas, aesthetics, materials and techniques will be explored and developed.
The student’s exploration proposal needs to be developed on an individual basis and personal and creative responses should be encouraged throughout the preparation.
The teacher and student should negotiate the contents of the exploration proposal and the art form/s in which the work
will be undertaken to ensure the student is working within the range of art form/s and facilities the school is able to offer.
It is expected that the exploration proposal will be of a substantial length that comprehensively addresses the scope of the task.

The Proposal

The following characteristics of an exploration proposal must be covered, but are to be used as a starting point in the development of a more comprehensive and articulated proposal. Ensure that you use appropriate art language and terminology.

  • Discuss the conceptual possibilities and explain the ideas to be explored.
  • Discuss approaches to be explored – political statements, aesthetic pleasure, the expressions of values, communication of feelings, fantasy, education…?)
  • Describe and explain the focus and subject matter to be communicated and developed.
  • Describe the art form/s to be explored; for example, photography, installation art…
  • Discuss the styles to be explored. ( Representational, hard edged, narrative, abstract, traditional, romantic, symbolic, naturalist, modernist, post modernist, pop art…)
  • Discuss the sources of inspiration to be investigated and analyse in relation to your individual ideas. (Other artists, artworks, art movements, music, films, poetry, novels, advertising, mass media…)
  • Discuss how the aesthetic qualities may be explored in relation to the ideas
  • Describe the materials to be explored and explain how their characteristics support the communication of ideas.
  • Explain the techniques to be developed to support the communication of ideas. (B&W, digital, toning, hand colouring, digital, mixed media, texture screens, photograms, polarization. Are they traditional &/or contemporary?)
  • Explain the selection of materials and techniques in light of the analysis of specific constraints.

Present your typed exploration proposal in the form of a statement, not in question and answer form. Make sure it is dated and written in the future tense.

Download a the task.

Download the assessment rubric.

VCAA Assessment Criterion 1.

Use of an exploration proposal to define the development of an individual design process that includes a plan of how the proposal will be undertaken.

Very High
A personal and comprehensively defined, highly detailed and articulate exploration proposal that plans how the individual design process will be developed.
The focus and the subject matter to be explored are clearly defined and detailed and provide insight to the sources of motivation and inspiration to be investigated.
Perceptive and thoughtful discussion of conceptual possibilities relevant to the subject matter and art form/s and the range of related ideas to be investigated.
Comprehensive explanation of the aesthetic qualities to be explored and developed in relation to the student’s ideas. Demonstrates thorough, detailed documentation and visual material.
Comprehensive description of the art form/s, materials and techniques to be explored in reference to ideas.
Detailed discussion of the proposed exploration of appropriate materials, development of techniques, processes and skills to be investigated.

If you need assistance coming up with an idea you could like at this NZ site which works through the process of determine a "good" concept or idea. The criteria are not the same as VCE but the process might be useful.

Student Concept ideas